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Attractions & Activities at Mount Azimbo Louis Trichardt Accommodation

 Our Louis Trichard Accommodation offers various activities on the Mount Azimbo Lodge Property, and we are situated centrally to various Louis Trichardt attractions and Louis Trichardt activities, making Mount Azimbo  the perfect choice when looking for that special Louis Trichardt Accommodation.....

Attractions at our Louis Trichardt Accommodation

Mount Azimbo Makhado Lodge is excellent for bird watching. For the fit, the farm can be explored where the bush buck can be observed.

Louis Trichardt Activities

Kruger National Park

The Punda Maria Gate and Pafuri Gate are 130 and 150 kilometers away from Mount Azimbo respectively. The Kruger Park has nearly 2 million hectares of unrivalled diversity of life forms fuses with historical and archaeological sights - this is real Africa.

Louis Trichardt Activities

The Hanglip Hiking Trail

The Hanglip Hiking Trail is a beautiful trail 12 kilometers away from Mount Azimbo. The Hanglip Hiking Trail takes you into the indigenous forest. The forest is such that fans of Tolkien might be excused for thinking that they might be in Mirkwood.

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Louis Trichardt Golf Course

Louis Trichardt Golf Club is 12 kilometers away from Mount Azimbo, situated in Hospital Street, Louis Trichardt (Makhado), Limpopo. Arguably one of the best courses in Limpopo, if not the best with beautiful trees and kept in excellent condition all year around, Louis Trichardt Golf Course is a friendly club with good facilities and near our Louis Trichard Accommodation for easy traveling and overnight accommodation

Louis Trichardt Activities

Ben Lavin Nature Reserve

The Ben Lavin Nature Reserve is situated in the rolling foothills of the Soutpansberg and covers some 25 square kilometers. Visitors are allowed to explore the entire reserve at their leisure on foot, by car or mountain bike and a must visit.

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Soutpansberg Conservancy

The Soutpansberg Conservancy, consisting of 90 000 hectares, was formed to protect an incredibly sensitive and beautiful part of the world. Drive across the arid, flat vastness of the northern Limpopo Province, and the sandstone of the Soutpansberg intermittently breaks into view, view and experience this unique tourist attraction while staying at Mount Azimbo.

Louis Trichardt Activities

Blouberg Nature Reserve

Situated west of Makhado, just off route 521, the Blouberg Nature Reserve lies in relative obscurity in the midst of rural village and farming communities at the foot of the eastern foothills of the Blouberg Mountain and a must see while staying at our Louis Trichardt Accommodation.

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